Thursday, June 19, 2008

It pays off...

Last week I was invited to join Adagio Bleu, the great group of designers that I joined for a guest launch in May. Adagio Bleu is a wonderful collaborative group that I'm going to have lots of fun with! Here's my first listing as a 'regular' in ABSD. The bows and clip match the beautiful dress by Annie of Pretty Baby Boutique. The dress is made with Moda's Fresh Squeezed line of fabrics, and the bows pull in the bright citrus colors of summer. Take a peek, and see if your mouth waters, just as mine did!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I promised a picture of what I made last week- here it is! I haven't taken a picture of Julia's dress yet, but here's a Ginger Blossom halter I made a few nights ago. I had a little bit of the Ginger Blossom fabric left, so I took Sara's measurements and made the dress to fit a size smaller than she is. I'm going to save it and give it to my little niece, Isabella.

Speaking of Etsy, I do list there even though my website keeps me busy enough. Orders placed through my website are all made to order, so I am usually backlogged about 3 weeks. I ship 4 or 5 orders a day, so that gives you an idea of how little sleep I get!

But I do find time each day to make something new, and listing on Etsy is a great creative outlet (as if I need another one) so I list one-of-a-kind items there. I have some fun button bracelets and snap clips there.

Check out the recently listed items on the Etsy home page- it's fun to sit and watch the interesting new things that pop up.

Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beth O Photoshoot

I received pictures last night from Beth O Photography- I am just amazed at the quality of her photos. The model is striking- her name is Emma. I wouldn't hesitate to have her model for me in the future. Beth was so easy to work with. The bows and outfit are listed this week on eBay. The outfit is by Cassi of Princess Tiger Lily Boutique and is OOAK for a one-of-a-kind spicy girl in a size 4/5/6. The bows were a remake of my original skull/punk style, with some denim ribbon added in to match Cassi's set. Here are my favorite pictures from the photo shoot.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dusting off...

Life is busy around here as usual. The ABSD Sisboom launch was great fun and I met several designers who have already planned new collaborations with me. I still have a few things up my sleeve for the Etsy portion of the launch on June 12. If you love Sis Boom fabrics as much as I do, check out our launch by searching ABSD Sisboom on Etsy next week.

Mark was away on business this week, and for me it meant very lazy late nights- I love having him home to hang out with to watch our favorite shows and to just "be." But with him away, I stayed up too late in the quietness and (ready?) sewed! I dusted off my machines this week and dove in. I made a dress for Julia with a color pattern that she designed. I've asked to add a few extra touches to the dress, but she insists that it is *her* design and it is not to be messed with. I'll take a few pictures this week to show you.

Since I have a sewing bug now, I'm working on something to list with a guest launch I'm in later in June. I'll have sneak peeks sometime this week. You might wonder why I'm doing this if I have no experience in sewing, but actually, I do! My mom has sewn forever, and she sent me to a sewing class when I was young. I'm sure I hated it then- in fact, I remember hating it. But over the years I've sewn this or that- nothing spectacular, but in the last two years I've made a couple wearable things for Julia and Sara. I wanted to find something different to do this summer on those quiet mornings when the kids are sleeping in. Deep down I really don't hate it! Actually, it gets my motor going and I always look forward to the next project, just like with my hair accessories. So stay tuned!

I just listed this bracelet for the end of the Sisboom launch. I'll make a few more of these, as they are a quick and easy accessory that can be made to match anything with a small swatch of fabric.

School gets out in another week, so my life will be turned upside down for 10 weeks. I'm sure you can all relate!