Monday, November 22, 2010

Sleeping Giant

We are in Connecticut! It has been a long few months, with Mark living here and the kids and I staying back to sell the house. We did it. In 16 days we had our offer, and after some negotiating, we finalized the offer and we closed last week. It was a tough week for our family, leaving everything we knew. Girl Scouts, Karate, classmates, the creature comforts. My friends. I had a wonderful week laughing and crying with my best friends- but I know we will not lose each other just because of a move. There's Facebook. ;)

We're staying temporarily in the apartment that Mark has lived in since August. Our house will be ready to move into on December 1. For the kids, this is like a luxury hotel. For me, yes, a luxury hotel, but with five people and no personal space. So we've been heading to the playground A LOT. Sanity.

It's a beautiful area. We drive by this monster daily: it is Mount Carmel, but it is called The Sleeping Giant- you can see why. Adam wants this big guy to wake up and start walking around like The Thing. The mountain range is supposed to look like a giant sleeping on his back. We're planning to climb the "chin" in the Spring, where there is a tower.

So we're still in transition. We'll be in our house for Christmas, but I'd like to spend that time getting acquainted with the area and making sure my kids have a good transition to their new school. I'll open just after Christmas, or before January 1.

Thanks to my regular customers who have been stopping by Etsy to buy some ready- to-ship items. It's been nice to see you!