Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mayday, Mayday!

Happy first day of May! Where did the first four months of the year go? Oh yeah, complaining about snow, rain and cold...that's where. Well today we had another beautiful Spring day in Connecticut.

Everything in the yard is starting to grow, and since this is our first spring here, we're watching to see what comes up. We have lotsa hosta (lol, which I hated in our last house, so I dug it up and tossed it in the woods, only to find out that my neighbors loved it, so they went and retrieved it.) We also have a beautiful bed of ivy in our side yard that makes a nice backdrop for my pictures. It just produced some small white flowers, which are now going away. Everything is so green. Green, green, green. So green that we didn't have one flower in the yard. Until just recently, when I looked out back and noticed this lonely little daffodil had poked through that ivy bed.

It was the only flower we had in the yard. I couldn't believe it! Until a couple of days ago, when it got a friend! It's friend is white with a yellow center.

So those are the two flowers in my yard. Pretty sad, huh. Well, I've added some color to my yard, with this pretty rainbow bow bouquet, that is available on Etsy!

You can see that bed of ivy in the background. The bouquet adds some color to my yard, don't you think? I'm okay to part with it though, since my kids brought me loads of pansies and marigolds from their school plant sale. I will no longer have a green yard once I get a few things planted.

And maybe I'll be surprised, and something that is currently green in my yard will flower. Happy May, everyone!


Stephanie said...

What a lush green yard! We are in the process of growing grass. Oh, and I love the bow basket! Beautiful!