Friday, August 14, 2009

Halloween Cuties

Here are more fun Halloween/Fall bows listed for the Lil Peas and Guests go Batty launch. The first bow will match the Mickey Vida Dress by Terri of pink*freckled*frogs. If you're taking a trip to Disney in the fall, this dress would be perfect!

And next is a pair of bows with painted owl centers to match dress by Stephanie of Room*6. I found some little wooden owls so I painted them to match the owl applique on the front of her dress. The 5-pieces can be worn as a set, or take the owls out and wear them separately. So many options!

If you're kids are starting school this week, best wishes for a great start! We still have a full week of summer left here, plus a few days. We start back on August 26.